Managing wealth is one part of our business…protecting it for individuals and families is the other.

The Protection Company Hong Kong Limited is our estate planning business combining legal documents with insurance instruments to create freedom, control and clarity to family members in the event of death, illness or disability.

We discuss with clients to better understand their assets, liabilities, family responsibilities and the support they will need or have.

It’s a collaboration of the following two fields of expertise.

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Poor Estate Planning

A regular problem we see is the lack of connection between a will and insurance policies in place.  It’s common for most people to seek a lawyer and write a basic will.  Separately they purchase some insurance policies from an insurance agent or broker, however there is little to no discussion about how these two fields should connect.

The problem is only discovered when someone dies, is ill or incapacitated. If the insurance program doesn’t connect to the estate plan then we have a common situation where the wrong beneficiaries of the estate are receiving proceeds, or family members don’t have financial or medical control.

Proper Estate Planning

It’s important to have a will written but just as important that you have legal documents to control your estate while alive.  Wills are activated only on death, but what if you are incapacitated or ill?  Who looks after you?  Who has financial and medical control of your estate?

Planning can solve these questions in advance.

Forged through years of experience and collective wisdom we created a proprietary process and model that is unique to our firm.  We call it…The Plan B-Program.

The Plan-B Program

There are four phases of the program. The program is designed to fill a large gap in the global citizen community.  Getting qualified estate planning/legal advice and obtaining comprehensive insurance programs whilst understanding cross-border tax issues.

By combining legal documents and insurance instruments to cover every scenario in people’s lives, we can ensure both control and wealth is preserved.

To understand more about estate planning and The Plan-B Program, watch our video below.