Jessica Cutrera

Jessica is a Founding Partner, Responsible Officer and Compliance Officer of The Capital Company Hong Kong Limited, an independent asset management firm formed in the beginning of 2017.

Prior to her time at The Capital Company, Jessica co-founded EXS Capital Asia Limited in 2008, and served as a Responsible Officer and head of Operations and Compliance for the firm until the end of 2016. She and her team built a substantial asset management and financial planning practice during their time at EXS, which is part of the core of their new joint venture The Capital Company.

Jessica is an expert in many areas including tax, financial, and estate planning and she specializes in serving Americans living in Asia. She and her team provide fee-based comprehensive wealth management and planning services to U.S. citizens in Asia and to persons with U.S. related planning needs. Over the last fifteen years, Jessica has built a comprehensive wealth management practice from the ground up and established an active presence across Asia-Pacific.

Before she moved to Asia, Jessica worked as a Registered Representative for Charles Schwab. She continues to be licensed in the U.S. today as a Registered Investment Advisor, insurance professional, and Trust and Estate Practitioner, and serves clients in the U.S. and across Asia Pacific.

While in Tokyo she completed her MBA at Temple University Japan. She also spent a year in AmeriCorps, the domestic Peace Corp, working with individuals with severe disabilities.

Jessica lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. She is active in the American Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, the American Women’s Association, and supports a variety of nonprofit organizations around the region. Jessica is currently active in the Girl Scouts as an adult volunteer and an avid runner and cyclist with the Hong Kong Tritons.

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