The Capital Company Creed

The Six Covenants of the Capital Company Experience

A company with a moral compass

1.  Create Clarity Where There is Confusion

Take away the confusion of capital markets and the chaos of daily financial matters so clients focus on their dreams, goals and families

2.  Focus On Relationships, Not Financial Products

As a fee for service company we are financial product agnostic

3.  Provide The Truth In All We Do

We believe in fee transparency and alignment of interests

4.  Protect & Perpetuate Financial Assets & Family Control

Programs that will protect and preserve the assets and efforts of our clients and deliver legal and financial control in times of trouble

5.  Structure The Most Tax Efficient Retirement

Clients require legal and robust financial structures to build their wealth for retirement

6.  Give Advice Across Multiple Generations

Transferring wealth through generations requires principles and stewardship to family members