How to Talk with your Beneficiaries about your Estate Plan?

Estate planning always has one common goal. This goal transcends levels of wealth, nationality, and demographics. The main goal should always be: to thoughtfully and carefully transfer wealth to the people most important you in a way that enhances their lives and fulfills your wishes for them.

Top Ten Tips for US Expatriates

We provide a comprehensive planning service for US families who reside outside the US or who have international interests and assets. Those needs are often complex and can vary dramatically between families. We’ve compiled a top ten list to help you get off to the right start.

Helping You Invest Successfully with Evidence Based Investing

It is crucial for everyone to have a sound financial plan, especially when the markets are volatile.

Over the past decades, with the rapid development in technology and science, countless academic research and studies have been published by economists and fund managers, demonstrating which investment strategies are likely to be successful

Discretionary Trusts

A Discretionary Trust is typically set up for the benefit of an individual’s children or grandchildren.

For a UK domiciled individual, the maximum that can be settled into a discretionary trust is £325,000 over any seven-year period. Any amounts settled above £325,000 will normally attract a 20% lifetime charge, usually making it unadvisable to do so.

EIS relief

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) relief can be a useful tool for clients that have UK Income tax or Capital Gains tax liabilities.

The relief is a government plan used to channel capital into qualifying small business in the UK and offers a number of tax reliefs.

UK State Pension Voluntary contributions

For British Global Citizens the UK state pension can provide a guaranteed income component to an overall retirement strategy.

To be eligible to receive the full state pension of GBP 164.35 per week, you need to have made 35 years of national insurance contributions during your working life.

UK Personal Pension

A UK Personal Pension is a tax effective way to save for retirement for UK tax resident individuals. It is ultimately a mechanism for deferring income that could be received now, and taxed at the individual’s highest marginal rate, to a later point in life.

Family Investment Company

A Family Investment Company (‘FIC’) is a limited liability company incorporated for the purpose of holding private wealth, providing for succession and UK Inheritance Tax planning.

It is a private company whose directors and shareholders are normally members of the same family. Designed and constructed correctly, a FIC can allow parents to retain control and access over the assets whilst the wider family members benefit from the growth of the assets transferred to the FIC.