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Multi-Disciplinary Wealth Management in Hong Kong

The Capital Company provides specialized financial advice for Global Citizens from Asia-Pacific, Europe, the U.K. and the U.S. Our expertise includes tax planning and structuring, financial modelling, pension planning, portfolio management, estate planning and insurance to deliver a personalized multi-disciplinary approach to financial planning.

Providing a transparent and aligned fee environment in lockstep with quality financial advice is the foundation for a long-term financial relationship with our team. We do this by providing fee-based financial advice to wealthy global citizens in three core disciplines of financial planning, portfolio management and estate planning.


Financial planning is a powerful multi-variable scenario analysis that helps clients measure, plan and achieve their financial goals

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The core philosophy of our investment approach removes emotion and speculation and focuses on the science behind successful investing

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Protecting and preserving family wealth involves cross-border estate planning solutions and insurance programs for family members



At the heart of The Capital Company is a deep desire to create financial clarity and calm for clients and their families.

If you are a global citizen or expat living abroad seeking quality fee-for-service advice in any of these areas, contact us for a complimentary session to explore how our team can help you reach your financial goals.

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“I worked with The Capital Company to solve what was a very complicated estate planning riddle -- crossing several geographies and attendant tax jurisdictions, and involving an equally complex family dynamic.

The Capital Company was able to provide a sound fundamental structure to our plan and leverage their network of specialist local resources in other parts of the world as was needed. They were diligent, patient, and creative. In the end, we were able to provision well for the effects of impending life events, and, importantly, leave all family members feeling that their personal interests were fairly represented.”

Joshua KahnAmerican Global Citizen

“Their extensive wealth management experience and connections are truly impressive. However, their ability to simplify complex issues and have open conversations about difficult topics like estate planning (that most people tend to avoid) is a true gift and instilled a great deal of confidence that things were under control, being managed properly, and with the highest attention to detail. Further, they really care about doing the right thing for clients and that was clear from the very start. In a world where there are many voices suggesting a variety of directions to take, The Capital Company is a much-needed calm voice of reason.”

Jane LeungManaging Director in Financial Services

“I have been lucky enough to have found Todd many years ago to look after my financial planning. It has been an absolute pleasure having Todd as my one stop “go to man” for the many issues that we all inevitably face in our journey through life. I have total confidence in recommending Todd and his team to anyone looking for a cost effective no hassles solution to their financial planning.”

Colin PattersonAustralian Global Citizen & Mining CEO

“ I used to lie awake at night wondering whether my investments would be enough to live on after I retired. Then I stumbled upon the team at The Capital Company. Less than one year later, my estate has been completely restructured, with new elements I would never have thought of before. Their team have either directly managed or indirectly shepherded a number of transactions to create an estate that I am confident will have me and my family living very comfortably after retirement. No more sleepless nights for me.”

Greg FairbrotherAmerican Global Citizen & Associate Professor

“The Capital Company has provided me invaluable advice over many years, guiding my decision making in financial investments, portfolio and estate planning. They have assisted in setting up a long-term and tax efficient wealth management platform for me and my family, where we can rely on her expertise going forward. They meet and exceeds my expectations of a financial adviser that truly has my interests at heart.”

Peder BerggrenPresident Starbury Holdings (HK) Limited & Swedish Citizen

“As we both have a background in financial services and have worked with a lot of financial planners, we knew that what we were seeking was hard to find. Someone who looked at our finances in a holistic sense, understood the tax implications of being an expat and could recommend not just products, but a strategy including all forms of investment, even property.

We became aware of Todd, however, because of an article he had written about the complexity of the legal situation in regards to estate planning and wills in Hong Kong for expats. We were therefore extremely happy to find that not only could Todd assist us with putting together the best financial plan for both now and our return home, but also ensuring we had the right tools in place to manage our estate effectively and our wills to cover any situation that should arise, both now and in the future.
Todd listens and works with existing structures to identify the gaps and make sure they are addressed. We have already recommended him and his services to a number of people.”

Paul & Caroline CarsonAustralian Global Citizens

The Capital Company Creed

The Six Covenants of the Capital Company Experience

A company with a moral compass

1.  Create Clarity Where There is Confusion

Take away the confusion of capital markets and the chaos of daily financial matters so clients focus on their dreams, goals and families

2.  Focus On Relationships, Not Financial Products

As a fee for service company we are financial product agnostic

3.  Provide The Truth In All We Do

We believe in fee transparency and alignment of interests

4.  Protect & Perpetuate Financial Assets & Family Control

Programs that will protect and preserve the assets and efforts of our clients and deliver legal and financial control in times of trouble

5.  Structure The Most Tax Efficient Retirement

Clients require legal and robust financial structures to build their wealth for retirement

6.  Give Advice Across Multiple Generations

Transferring wealth through generations requires principles and stewardship to family members

Creating Capital. Creative Team.

We are a professional financial team with an accomplished talent pool from across the globe.  Passionate about our industry we are at the leading edge of financial advice for global citizens.

Our Recent Work

We are constantly writing and producing easy reading material for our clients through the use of free reports, books, guides, newsletters, webinars and e-courses across a range of interesting and integral topics

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